The Origins of Dodgeball

An experienced hospitality industry entrepreneur, Lucas Stoioff manages DineAmic Group as the Chicago-based company’s founding principal. Outside of his professional pursuits, Lucas Stoioff enjoys a variety of activities, including chess, poker, and dodgeball.

Although the exact origins of dodgeball remain unclear, it shares many of the characteristics of a tribal game played in Africa more than two centuries ago. While dodgeball is known today as a fun sport typically played in gym class, the African version was a sometimes deadly activity that incorporated the use of rocks and other hard objects instead of the softer, more forgiving balls that are used today.

It is widely believed that the current version of dodgeball was most likely developed in European and American schools as an alternative to other physical activities. Despite the many critics who feel it promotes bullying, dodgeball remains a popular game that is played by children and adults in countries around the world.


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